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As Law Enforcement Officers we have experienced the highs and lows associated with our chosen profession and we know the public may not fully understand the personal impact on those in our field.  Over the past few years we've witnessed a negative change in the perception of Law Enforcement, thus lowering morale of current and prospective Officers.  Rather than conforming to societies perception, we decided it was time to create a brand dedicated to Honoring the Past, Supporting the Present, and Inspiring the Future of Law Enforcement

We are strong supporters of the leading companies in the Law Enforcement apparel industry and knowing the products offered, we found a shortage of low-key designs.  So, we decided to focus on creating graphic designs that show BLUE pride in a discrete way.  We strive to pair our designs with a variety of quality apparel options so they can be worn anywhere by anyone who serves or supports Law Enforcement.  Our low-key options let you represent a brand that wholeheartedly supports Law Enforcement, without drawing unwanted attention.  Interestingly, we've found that our vision has created a bond between like minded people.  It's not uncommon for strangers wearing Blue Clothing Company apparel to cross paths in public and acknowledge each other with a friendly head nod.

Since our inception in 2018, we have donated thousands of dollars to causes directly associated with our mission and we have been recognized by the Hanford, CA. Police Officers' Association as a local Business Supporter.  2020 marks the year of our new partnership and we are excited to take our visions to the next level.  We hope that you will join us in promoting Blue Clothing Company so together we can Honor, Support, and Inspire the men and women in BLUE who...

"Protect the innocent against deception, the weak against oppression or intimidation, and the peaceful against violence or disorder..."


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